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Happiness Strategy Foundation

May all be happy, may all be free from disease, 
May all perceive good and may not suffer from sorrow.

Source: (Puranic wisdom of India)

About Us

The Happiness Strategy Foundation is a not-for-profit think tank for research on happiness and well-being and sharing the research findings with masses and industry to make a meaningful contribution to the happiness of India and the world.

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To meaningfully contribute to the happiness of India and the world.


The Happiness Strategy Foundation think tank purpose focuses on happiness and well-being strategy by working on various aspects of happiness and well-being. It is also trying to make happiness and well-being simple, fun and easy to apply for the masses, i.e. democratisation of happiness.

Our focus is to start small with a positive solution-oriented approach. By taking small steps, we hope to make some meaningful contribution over time.


The Happiness Strategy Foundation is organizing various Festivals for the masses and Forums for the industry to share research-based insights on happiness and create a platform to discuss, debate and explore happiness with experts from diverse backgrounds.


The Happiness Strategy Foundation is conducting research on various aspects of happiness. The studies are availble for free on this website.


Happiness Strategy Foundation organises various contests on happiness to engage more people and share and spread happiness ideas. Submissions are invited for the third annual World Happiness Photo Contest 2023 and second annual India Happiness Photo Contest 2023. 

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Media Articles

To democratise the happiness research, the complex research findings are shared in easy to understand articles in media.

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