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Happiness Advanced Leadership Fellows Program 2023

For current Chairmen, CEOs, Managing Directors, Board Members, and Family Business Owners


The Happiness Advanced Leadership Fellows Program is an innovative ten months program for business leaders. The program is endorsed by global thought leaders and is aimed at creating a positive impact in the workplace and the larger society.

The Concept

Homo sapiens are in search of happiness since times immemorial. The hyper-competitive times, and social media hype, followed by COVID-19, have created a lot of stress and unhappiness and have increased the craving for happiness. Historically poets and philosophers used to talk about happiness. However, there is a lot of scientific research across multiple disciplines on happiness in the last three decades. Research shows the positive impact of happiness on work, health and relationships among multiple benefits. However, happiness at the workplace is still not being discussed, implemented and followed to a large extent.

Leaders have an important role in happiness in the workplace. It is not only just from an ethical or do-good perspective, but from a business case perspective too. A happy workplace should contribute to the growth and success of the leaders also. The idea behind the Happiness Advanced Leadership Fellows Program for Leaders is to create more awareness and discussions of happiness in the workplace. A happy leader and a happy workplace will also contribute to the overall happiness of society. The program is aimed at creating a positive impact in the workplace and the larger society






The program consists of ten online sessions by faculty, one each month on the last Saturday of every month, including an introductory, project presentation, closure session and one physical session in Gurgaon. The sessions will be followed by informal discussions among Fellows. The program takes an interdisciplinary approach and at least one international expert will also be called as a part of Thought Leadership. The program starts on Saturday, Feb 25, 2023, and ends on Saturday, November 25, 2023. The detailed date-wise program is given in the table below

Program Design

Expectations From Participants

The Leaders going for Happiness Advanced Leadership Fellows Program need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Take a Happiness Pledge.

  2. Start talking explicitly about Happiness at the Workplace in the organisations regularly. (At least once a month. Last Friday of every month)

  3. Attend online monthly happiness sessions, one physical session and online monthly Fellows informal discussion.

  4. Share a project report on one’s learnings at the end of the program.

  5. Create a positive impact in the workplace and the larger society.

Program Output

The program should result in three following outputs:

  1. The selected Fellows can show Happiness Pledge on social media platforms.

  2. The successful candidates will get a Happiness Advanced  Leadership Fellow Certificate.

  3. The Fellows’ awareness, knowledge and skill of happiness should increase.

  4. By discussing and sharing happiness in the organisation, organisational awareness and knowledge of happiness should increase.

  5. By sharing happiness knowledge and experiences with others from outside the organisation (such as family and friends), others’ awareness and knowledge of happiness should increase.

Program Fee

The program has a nominal fee of INR 99,000 plus GST.

How to apply and selection process

There are limited seats. Interested leaders need to fill out the one-page application form given below before Feb 10, 2023.The selection committee will go through the one-page write-up answering three questions namely your details, why you want to join, and how will you contribute. The results will be shared by Feb 15, 2023. The program starts on Saturday, Feb 25, 2023. For any information contact

Program Director

Prof Rajesh K Pillania


Dr Rajesh K Pillania is the leading researcher and teacher on happiness in India, popularly called India’s Happiness Professor. He has written eleven books and reports on Happiness such as Happiness Strategy (2019); Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness (2020); India Happiness Report 2020, India Cities Happiness Report 2020, World Happiness 2021, India Happiness 2022 and World Happiness 2022. His work is endorsed by many industry stalwarts and global leading thinkers in happiness, including HH Dalai Lama, management legend Prof Philip Kotler and Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 Executive coach. He is on the advisory board of many esteemed international research journals¸ professional bodies and conferences consisting of leading international academicians¸ industry leaders and policy makers. He is recognised for his extensive research, jointly ranked number one in average research productivity among management faculty (including IIMs and IITs) in India. He has taught thousands of students and executives about happiness strategy. His teaching and training focus on adding value to the participants by explaining concepts in an innovatively simple and fun way focusing on the application of concepts using experiential learning. He is a prolific writer, a popular teacher, and a highly sought-after trainer on happiness, strategy and innovation. He has more than a decade of experience in happiness and humour, and more than two decades of experience in strategy, creativity and innovation. His research/academic experience includes Panjab University, MDI Gurgaon, IIMs, the Smith School of Business (the University of Maryland), Harvard University and MCI Innsbruck among others.

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