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World Happiness Photo Contest 2021 (Result)

World Happiness Coffee Table Book 2021

“I am pleased to see that a compilation of photos selected from this year’s first World Happiness Photo Contest is being published.……... It is my hope that this book will be an encouragement to people to contribute towards achieving this.”

HH Dalai Lama.

World’s 25 Happiest Photos of 2021

World Happiness Coffee Tablebook 2021 cover photo.jpg

World Happiness Coffee Table Book 2021

Consisting of winning photographs of the first World Happiness Photo Contest 2021 from around the world and all the six continents.

We have gone through an unprecedented COVID crisis. In these times, it is ever more important to stay happy. Pictures are long recognised as a powerful medium of expression. We all have places, people, hobbies, events, and so on that brings us happiness, and submissions were sought on these line for the first World Happiness Photo Contest 2021. The contest received participation from around the world and all the six continents namely Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and North America showing moments of people from different walks of life. The winning twenty-five photographs are shared in the coffee table book with the hope some of the photos might bring some smiles and happiness to people’s life. 

The 25 photographs are selected by an esteemed global jury namely, Prof Ruut Veenhoven, Pioneer and World Authority on the Scientific Study of Happiness , and  Director, World Database of Happiness; Prof Sir Cary Cooper, CBE, A leading global scholar in occupational health and wellness research, President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and Chair, National Forum for Health & Wellbeing at Work, UK; Dr Tal Ben-Sahar, Author, Ex-Faculty Harvard University, Serial entrepreneur Co-Founder, Happiness Studies Academy and Potentiallife; Ms Mandy Seligman, Photographer and Positive Psychology Expert, Founder of; Prof Beth Ames Altringer, Director, Design Lab, Harvard University; Luciano Manzo, President and CEO, Make-A-Wish International; Dr Dasho Karma Ura, Head, Centre for Bhutan and GNH Studies, the government multidisciplinary think tank in Thimphu, Bhutan; Prof Rajesh Pillania, Chief Mentor & Advisor, Happiness Strategy Foundation and Professor, MDI, Gurgaon; Mrs Noof Aljneibi, Director, Emirates Center For Happiness Research & CEO, Happiness and Wellbeing, UAE University; and Ms Nontando Mposo, Editor-In-Chief, Glamour South Africa.

The book is already gaining traction, with accolades coming from different quarters. “Inspiring and beautiful! The stunning photos from the World Happiness Photo Contest 2021 will leave you in awe of the people, cultures and joy in our world,” emphasizes Dr Marshall Goldsmith, the Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

“A lovely book depicting images of happiness from around the world. A call and blessing for greater happiness for all”, says Dr Emma Seppala, Science Director, Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education; and Faculty, Yale School of Management.

This is the inaugural annual World Happiness CoffeeTable Book and the Happiness Strategy Foundation will put sincere efforts into learning and improving with each annual edition. Download a copy of the first World Happiness Coffee Table Book. It is free and please feel free to share it among your family, friends and networks to spread some happiness. 

The book is available on Amazon. Buy your copy here

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